Office Buildout & Wiring

Office Buildouts

24 HRS Network has massive experience doing office and medical-focused buildouts with special attention to all of your needs for growth and supporting the technology you need for your business. Next time you're renewing your lease or signing a new one, we guarantee your company will get the most out of having 24 HRS handle your buildout.

From drawings and drywall to wiring for access control, security, and networking — we make sure you're ready for the future — even if you're not ready to install all of the systems immediately, you won't be paying twice as much later for getting the wiring you need to the right place.


Whether it's phones, fax machines, copiers, computers, a board room, or large format digital printing presses — we've run the cabling and fiber for all of those (and more). Give us a call and we'll get you covered, even if you need us to handle it outside of regular business hours, that's what we do.